Transcendenz prized at Core77 Awards


After 16 years of international design journalism, Core77 organizes for the first time the Core77 Design Awards, an event to honor excellence in all fields of design. Transcendenz has been prized in the category Speculative Objects & Concepts.

See the life announcement here.

You can read the jury's comments below:

In the Transcendenz project the authors reacted in a unique expression to the key drivers of web 3.0 – specifically, to the return of the focus on an individual rather than multiple on-line avatars. The Transcendenz world is that of introspection, not of outwards projected social aspirations.

The jury has also appreciated the underlying humor that helps a spectator to navigate within the concept. The overall quality of the execution and many of the decisions that informed the final work surpass majority of the student entrants and student work in general.

This stresses connection to the inner self over connection to technology. It can change your perspective and make you more aware of the people and environment around you. Most technological objects (like computers and mobile devices) remove you from the world – but Transendenz connects you further to the world around you.