Exhibited at the Lieu du Design in Paris


The exhibition Digital objects: Design of a new industrial world, gathers France's creative and innovative actors and aims to underline the major role of digital design in human, social, technological and economical challenges.

Commissioned by designer Jean-Louis Frechin, the exhibition invited companies (EDF, Microsoft, Parrot, etc), start-ups (daFact, Sen.se, BookAp, etc) designers, (IDSL, Etienne Mineur, IntertacitleDesign, etc), schools (Strate College, Ensci - les Ateliers, Les Gobelins, etc) as well as research laboratories (BellsLabs, Ircam, EPFL-ECALabs, etc.)

Transcendenz and all the other projects will be exhibited from the 17th May to the 23th of July 2011.