1st Prize at Orange Design Competition


In presence of France's prior Minister of Culture and Communication, Christine Albanel, French Designers, Patrick Jouin and Mathieu Lehanneur, Angle project has been rewarded with the prize Best Usage.

Orange has asked the students of four Art & Design schools to rethink the mobile/earphone interface as a whole, with a single objective: imagine the new gadget that the whole world will want to use with their mobile.

4 prizes have been awarded:

- A Usage prize for the most attractive design for users.
- A Creativity prize for the most daring and futuristic.
- An Achievability prize for the most easily producible.
- A Jury's special prize.

The cooperating schools were: Strate College, ENSCI, Central Saint Martins and ESAA Duperré.

Introduction video to the international Orange Competition.

The prize-giving ceremony presented by Christine Albanel, Patrick Jouin and Mathieu Lehanneur.

I was still sitting in the train to Paris during the prize-giving ceremony!