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  • Design Shanghai

    The exhibition Design Shanghai is held at the Power Station of Art and showcases various design concepts at the intersection of innovation, urbanization and transportation.

  • Aeon - Shanghai, China, 2013
  • Milan 2033, Seeds of the Future

    Part of the Triennale di Milano, the exhibition Milan 2033, Seeds of the Future celebrates the 150th anniversary of the Politecnico di Milano University and showcases various design provocations of everyday life in 2033.

  • Living Kitchen - Milan, Italy, 2013
  • Saint-Etienne Design Biennale 2013

    This edition of the Design Biennale explores the theme of empathy in design. Various stakeholders, from international groups, design agencies to schools are showcasing ideas reflecting the urgent need for human-centered design in our complex societies.

  • Aeon & Angle - Saint-Etienne, France, 2013
  • Generat.io/ns

    Run by the good people at The Post Family, the show Generat.io/ns explores a landscape of continuous innovation through the lens of our cultural, political and personal lives.

  • Transcendenz - Chicago, USA, 2012
  • ABC...Design

    The exhibition ABC...Design is held at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris and is organized by France's national agency for the promotion of industrial design. The show features the projects prized with an Observeur du Design.

  • Transcendenz - Paris, France, 2012
  • Digital objects: Design of a new industrial world

    The exhibition Digital objects: Design of a new industrial world gathers France's creative and innovative actors and aims to underline the major role of digital design in human, social, technological and economical challenges.

  • Transcendenz - Paris, France, 2011
  • Espacio Nudage

    Sponsored by the Council of Culture of Cantabria, Espacio Nudage is a multi disciplined event dedicated to emerging talent in design. 40 designers worldwide were invited for a week in Santander to present their work.

  • Living Kitchen - Santander, Spain, 2011
  • Imagina

    Imagina is europe’s 3D simulation and visualization event. A large show dedicated to innovative applications of 3D tools across industries takes places along with conferences and talks.

  • Living Kitchen & Aeon - Monaco, France, 2011
  • Orange Design Exhibition

    Orange launched a design competition on the future of earphones among France’s top design schools. The exhibition features the prized projects at the Lieu du Design in Paris.

  • Angle - Paris, France, 2011
  • Saint-Etienne Design Biennale 2010

    The Saint-Etienne Design Biennale 2010 showcases a selection of prospective initiatives from international companies, design agencies, schools and individuals. Projects cover various industries ranging from transportation, architecture, healthcare to food.

  • Living Kitchen - Saint-Etienne, France, 2010
  • Seoul Design Fair

    The Seoul Design Fair is hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and celebrates Seoul as the World Design Capital of 2010. This year’s theme "Design for All" showcases various projects that leverage design as a democratic empowerment.

  • Living Kitchen & Aeon - Seoul, Korea, 2010
  • Forum 5Plus

    The Forum 5Plus event is held at the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie in Paris. Along with conferences and talks, the event includes a major exhibition exploring how the digital revolution may impact our everyday lives in the next 5 years.

  • Living Kitchen & Aeon - Paris, France, 2010
  • Paris Motor Show

    From concept cars to new transportation services, the Paris Motor Show explores what our mobility might be like in the future.

  • Aeon - Paris, France, 2010
  • Buddhist Geeks

    Vincent Horn recently invited me to chat about Transcendenz and contemplative design on Buddhist Geeks:
    Part I - Transcendenz & Anti-Time
    Part II - Contemplative Design | Less is More

  • Chicago, USA, 2012
  • Institut Télécom

    The Institut Télécom invited me to speak about my approach in design.

  • Paris, France, 2010
  • Palais de la Découverte

    In the context of Designer's Days in Paris I was invited to the Palais de la Découverte to present my work.

  • Paris, France, 2010
  • Best UI Designs of the year

    FastCompany published their selection of 2012's best ideas in UI design. Transcendenz has been selected along with MIT's floating orbs, the Little Printer, the app Clear and a dozen other promising ideas.

  • Transcendenz, 2012
  • Observeur du Design

    Organized by France's national agency for the promotion of industrial design, the Observeur du Design recognizes each year's best designs in various fields and industries.

  • Transcendenz, 2012
  • Core77 Design Awards

    Run by the popular design blog, the Core77 Design Awards honor excellence in all fields of design. Transcendenz has been prized in the category Speculative Objects & Concepts.

  • Transcendenz, 2011
  • Orange Design Award

    Orange organized a design competition among France's top design schools on the future of mobile headsets. Angle received the 1st prize in the category Best Usage.

  • Angle, 2011
  • iF Design Award

    Living Kitchen obtained an iF Design Award in the category Concept Award.

  • Living Kitchen, 2011
  • Red Dot Design Award

    Living Kitchen received a Red Dot Design Award in the category Design Concept.

  • Living Kitchen, 2011
  • Imagina Awards

    Run by Imagina, the european 3D simulation and visualization event, the Imagina Awards aim to promote the best use of 3D in various industries. Aeon received the 1st prize in the category Best Design and Communication.

  • Aeon, 2011