Metaphysical Immersion

Transcendenz is the outcome of my thesis project at Strate College. I started from a single, inspirational word: Invisible. After analysing what was invisible to our eyes and our minds, I realized there was something tending to disappear in our fast-paced, information-saturated societies... More...


observeur du design



The Fast Bluetooth Headset

People protect their phones with cases but only a few think about protecting their ears with headsets. With Angle, fixing a bluetooth headset gets as intuitive as picking up a phone. More...

The Angle Concept

Living Kitchen

The Future of Nanotechnologies

The idea behind the Living Kitchen project was to imagine and question the future of our everyday objects throughout tomorrow's technologies. It is a fascinating and perturbing insight in the same time. More...

The Living Kitchen
imagina reddot

IF award

Aeon Project

In-Car Augmented Reality

What if you could travel to far-away destinations while being stuck in traffic? In collaboration with Dassault Systems I have been exploring the use of augmented reality inside transport vehicles. More...

The Aeon Project


Partnership with Alcatel-Bell Labs

The Bell Labs asked us to imagine the future of video. Through our proposal Eyevision we explore the evolution of television and imagine how we could be watching TV in a few years. More...


Le Laboratoire

Harvard Idea Translation Lab

Founded by David Edwards, scientist, writer and professor at Harvard University, The Laboratoire is a space of experimentation and experience, where artists and scientists meet. More...

The Laboratoire


When Miss Table and Mr. Stove meet

Warmpath tells the story of two familiar objects, a table and a stove, meeting on a cold winter day. Their dialogue gives shape to an unexpected object. More...

Warm Path


Product Design within Arik Levy's Agency

Figuring among French’s top scene of designers, Arik Levy currently works in Paris with his 20-strong team of designers and graphic artists forming   L-design. More...


an-Archi Design

Collaboration with Angie Anakis

Angie Anakis is a multi-disciplinary designer whose many of her works were acquired by the FNAC, the French national reserve of contemporary art and by collectors. More...

Angie Anakis


Packaging for Eye Cosmetics

The idea behind this project was to choose a brand being known for a particular kind of product and imagine it developing a different category of product, not figuring in their catalogue. More...



Artworks & Layout for Javies Album

Back in 2007 Luxembourgish national top charts band Javies releases a new pop/rock album and asks me to create their layout and visual communication.  More...



Out of the Screen

Seeing the extraordinary is easy, because it is eye-catchy. But what about the everyday, infraordinary things? We only see what we want to see, what we believe is important. More...


Street & Mind

Urban Projections

Everyone’s projecting something else on the world when walking through the streets of a city. Here’s a selection of some random projections made in Paris and Thailand. More...

Street projections

3D Artworks

Selection of Different 3D Works

3D softwares are fascinating because they make everything possible in a few clicks. As designers however, one should consider them as great tools only. Creativity lies elsewhere. More...

3D works


5-10 Minutes Poses & Portraits

Even with all the sophisticated drawing softwares, nothing can replace the sensitivity of the hand-drawn. Here are some sketches done during the drawing courses at Penninghen in Paris. More...