Metaphysical Immersion

Transcendenz explores a new kind of platform dedicated to bring deep transformational experiences into our everyday life.

The Future of Matter

Living Kitchen is a speculative design piece on our relationship with objects in a world of programmable matter. It is both a fascinating and unsettling vision.

The Fast Headset

People protect their phones with cases but only a few think about protecting their ears with headsets. With Angle I explored how design can nudge new behaviors.

Augmented Mobility

What if you could immerse yourself in engaging environments while your car deals with traffic? In collaboration with Dassault Systems I looked into virtual reality in autonomous vehicles.

  • Student Project, 2010
  • Imagina Award, 2011
  • Glass, Wood & Metal

    Before my digital interaction design life, I used to design furniture, lighting and apartment interiors at a couple design agencies in Paris.

  • Various internships, 2009
  • From Paper to Polygons

    A couple illustrations ranging from figure drawings, sketches to 3D visualizations I created for various contexts.

  • Miscellaneous, 2006-2009